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By utilising SoftProg for the co-location of your equipment, you have the re-assurance that your equipment is located at a secure, remote location, which is completely separate from your corporate network. Remote hosting, or co-location minimises the risk of a security breach to your corporate network. As SoftProg is vendor and carrier independent, there is no restriction upon the choice of hardware / software implemented by you or provided by SoftProg. As your business grows and your needs develop, SoftProg can respond accordingly with unlimited increases in bandwidth and flexibility of services. Clients utilising NeServices for their co-location needs can rest assured that SoftProg will provide high standards of clean electricity, air conditioning, connectivity to the Internet, fire safety security and back up power facilities. In short, everything to ensure high server availability vital to all modern businesses. In addition SoftProg also provide a number of value-add services additional to the co-location of your equipment, such as our “Remote engineer service” allowing you to request tape media management, cold reboots and power downs.

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  • Unlimited co-location and
  • Hosting facilities from
  • Individual servers
  • Completed hosting suites.
  • Multiple building / premises co-location, to facilitate higher levels of resilience.
  • Equipment cabinets for the co-location of customer equipment .
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit the physical and security requirements of the client.
  • Connectivity to several carrier networks and Tier 1 Internet providers, with over 200 direct peering sessions with other European global ISPs.
  • Fire alarm, smoke detection, and fire suppression systems.
  • Power supply, UPS and generator power backup systems.
  • High capacity cooling and humidity control equipment.
  • Physical and electronic security measures.
  • High levels of data security.
  • 24/7 customer access and support.
  •  Fast time to market.
  • High levels of reliability and scalability.
  • Bandwidth on demand.
  • High quality, on-site engineering and support skills.
  • Resilient multi-gigabit LAN switching infrastructure.
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