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Key Terms & Conditions

1.    As part of accepting our terms and conditions you are accepting Nominet UK Terms and Condition too. These can be found at the following link


2.    We will respond to all general enquiries ASAP within 4 hours



Domain Registration Price

All .uk domain and .com domain names are charged at 10.00+VAT for 1 year domain registration. For all other domain name extensions please call us. You can request the domain name to be automatically renewed every year or inform us how many year you wish to renew your domain name once an expiry notification is sent out 2 months prior to expiry.


Domain Expiry Policy

All domain names registered through SoftProg are registered for an initial duration as requested by our customers, once the domain comes 2 months prior to expiry an email is sent out requesting confirmation for renewal, once this confirmation is received the domain name will be renewed and charged to the account. Where no such confirmation is received we will send out another email 1 month prior to expiration, if no confirmation is received we will send out another email on a daily basis to warn of pending expiry. We will send out a final warning of expiry and if confirmation and or payment is not received we will let the domain expire and send out an an email to confirm expiry of the domain name. SoftProg does not have a specific policy of transferring expired domain names or re-registering expired domain names unless specifically requested by another customer. Before transferring an expired domain name to another customer we will always seek permission from the current owner.

Domain Data

We expect domain data which includes address, names etc to be accurate. This is a requirement of Nominete of whom we are members. If it comes to light that the domain data held is in accurate, we will be required to obtain accurate information from our customer to update this database. Where is information was not forth coming we would be looking to disable all services associated with the domain name until this information was provided.


SoftProg always endeavours to deal with all customer complaints to customer satisfaction. Please email us anything you are unhappy about to We will reply back to you within 48 hours. If after our continued dialogue and final decision you are still not satisfied about any domain name registered through SoftProg you may contact Nominete UK directly at following address


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